Value Based Community Partnerships

At Terra Energy Partners, we apply our values of integrity, safety, accountability and efficiency to our relationships in the Western Colorado communities where we operate.

We are committed to being available to the local community for information about our operations, and to develop and maintain a work culture where employees represent our values.

We care deeply about the health and welfare of the people living and working in the Piceance Basin. We pledge to conduct our operations in a safe manner and to be prepared to prevent and mitigate incidents.

Accountability is an everyday word for us. At Terra, we believe the communities we live and work in should know what to expect and who to contact with questions, concerns or even praise. To that end, there are two ways to reach us, either directly or through our partner, Community Counts. The contact information is listed below.

If we are efficient, we perform our work cleaner, safer and faster. This means less impact to the environment, which translates to a better place to work and raise a family. It means we can produce clean, abundant natural gas while doing our part to maintain a great quality of life in our communities.

Tiffany Pollock
Vice President, Land
Office: 281.936.0358

Terra Energy Partners Supports Community Counts

We are excited to be members of Community Counts, a local non-profit organization established to facilitate open and direct dialogue between communities and the energy industry. Community Counts operates the 24/7 toll-free Response Line that Terra Energy Partners supports. This enables the community to speak to an industry representative any time of the day or night, promoting timely response and resolution to issues of mutual concern. That number is 1.866.442.9034.